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Magnifying NBI Endoscopy for Gastric Condition
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Recently, the improved resolution with standard endoscopy allows the close observation of highly inflamed gastric mucosa without a magnifying view. In a previous study, the investigators established the endoscopic classification of H. pylori-infected stomach by non-magnifying standard endoscopy. One normal RAC pattern and three types of abnormal patterns were observed. Overall diagnostic accuracy for predicting H. pylori-infection was 91.6%. However, there is no comparison study predicting H. pylori-infection and precancerous gastric lesions between standard and magnifying endoscopy.
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Treatments or procedures
· Magnifying narrow-band imaging endoscopy
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The investigators aimed to evaluate the diagnostic efficacies of non-magnifying standard endoscopy for predicting H. pylori-infection status and precancerous gastric conditions, compared to magnifying NBI endoscopy